Visual Deep-Sky Observing Log Index

This is a list of objects that I have visually observed (on various telescopes) and logged over the years 2010--2020 (missing some logs from 2018). As of this update, there should be 498 objects.

I'm extremely grateful to various friends, mentors and observing partners that I've had through the years in this hobby, including Amar Sharma, John Tatarchuk, Jimi Lowrey, Steve Gottlieb, Howard Banich, and many others. While most of the observations here were made with my 18" f/4.5 Obsession, there are also many made with John Tatarchuk's 25" telescope, Steve Gottlieb's 24" telescope, or Jimi Lowrey's 48" telescope.

This is not a comprehensive list of objects that I've observed, since there are many which I have not logged. The logs I have for these are of varying levels of detail -- ranging from one-word descriptions, to rough sketches or pages of descriptions. Some SIMBAD links may not work (please let me know if you find them), and the "Type" descriptions are not scientifically accurate and may be wrong. If you wish to see my notes on any of these specific objects, please contact me on DSF / through EMail.

(Thanks to Shashi Kolar for some corrections)

Primary DesignationSecondary Designation / Unofficial NicknameType
[KSP2003] J023709.98+594231.0Diffuse Nebula
3C 273 JetJets
ACO 1142Cluster of Galaxies
ACO 1377Ursa Major ICluster of Galaxies
ACO 1390Cluster of Galaxies
ACO 1448Cluster of Galaxies
ACO 15Cluster of Galaxies
ACO 1656Coma ClusterCluster of Galaxies
ACO 1704Cluster of Galaxies
ACO 1750Cluster of Galaxies
ACO 2065Corona Borealis ClusterCluster of Galaxies
ACO 21Cluster of Galaxies
ACO 2152 lensing arcletGravitational Lensing
ACO 228Cluster of Galaxies
ACO 2524Cluster of Galaxies
ACO 2677Cluster of Galaxies
ACO 347Cluster of Galaxies
ACO 568Gemini ClusterCluster of Galaxies
ACO 610Cluster of Galaxies
ACO 779Cluster of Galaxies
AM 1217-354ESO 380-15, "Arp-Madore ? Mark"Interacting Galaxies
AM 1352-263Peculiar Galaxy
Ambartsumian's KnotPeculiar Galaxy
Arp 10UGC 1775Trainwreck
Arp 102MCG+08-31-041Interacting Galaxies
Arp 103Zwicky's TripletInteracting Galaxies
Arp 145UGC 1840Trainwreck
Arp 147IC 0298, I Zw 11Interacting Galaxies
Arp 148Mayall's ObjectInteracting Galaxies
Arp 248Wild's TripletInteracting Galaxies
Arp 251VV 674Interacting Galaxies
Arp 254Interacting Galaxies
Arp 256MCG-02-01-051Interacting Galaxies
Arp 260Interacting Galaxies
Arp 273UGC 1810; Hubble RoseInteracting Galaxies
Arp 290VV 309Interacting Galaxies
Arp 72Interacting Galaxies
B 142, B 143Barnard's "E" NebulaDiffuse Nebula
Barnard's StarStar
Burbidge ChainVV 518 (SIMBAD pos is off)Group of Galaxies
Campbell's Hydrogen StarHD 184738Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
Cartwheel GalaxyPeculiar Galaxy
Cas 1Maffei Group Galaxy
CGCG 122-67Solo Galaxy
Cl Arp 2Globular Cluster
Cone NebulaDiffuse Nebula
Crater ClusterLaevens 1Globular Cluster
Cygnus Egg NebulaPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
Double Ring/HeartMaNGA 1-633356 (15:53:09 +54:08:50)Group of Galaxies
Draco DwarfLocal Group Galaxy
Dwingeloo 1Maffei Group Galaxy
Einstein CrossGravitational Lensing
Elephant's Trunk NebulaIC 1396ADiffuse Nebula
ESO 427-19PN G 239.6-12.0Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
ESO 474-26Peculiar Galaxy
ESO 603-21Polar Ring Galaxy
Fornax Dwarf Hodge GC1Object in Galaxy
Fornax Dwarf Hodge GC2Object in Galaxy
Fornax Dwarf Hodge GC4Object in Galaxy
Fornax Dwarf Hodge GC5Object in Galaxy
Fox Fur NebulaDiffuse Nebula
VV 237e, VV 237fGuitar GalaxyInteracting Galaxies
HCG 01Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 04Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 10Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 16Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 17Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 21Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 31Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 37Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 40Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 44Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 53Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 54Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 55Hickson Chain (unofficial)Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 56Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 57Copeland's SeptetCompact Group of Galaxies
HCG 61Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 61The BoxCompact Group of Galaxies
HCG 68Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 74Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 75Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 79Seyfert's SextetCompact Group of Galaxies
HCG 82Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 85Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 86Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 87Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 88Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 89Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 90Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 92Stephan's QuintetCompact Group of Galaxies
HCG 93Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 94Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 95Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 98Compact Group of Galaxies
HCG 99Compact Group of Galaxies
Heart NebulaDiffuse Nebula
HFG 1Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
HH 1Herbig Haro Object
HH 2Herbig Haro Object
Holmberg IDwarf Galaxy
Holmberg IIDwarf Galaxy
Holmberg IIIUGC 4841Solo Galaxy
Holmberg IVDwarf Galaxy
Holmberg IXDwarf Galaxy
Holmberg VDwarf Galaxy
Holmberg VIDwarf Galaxy
Holmberg VIIDwarf Galaxy
Holmberg VIIIDwarf Galaxy
IC 0010Local Group Galaxy
IC 0018Arp 100
IC 0289Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
IC 0342Maffei Group Galaxy
IC 0356Solo Galaxy
IC 0405Flaming Star NebulaDiffuse Nebula
IC 0410Diffuse Nebula
IC 0418Spirograph NebulaPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
IC 0434, B33Horsehead NebulaDiffuse Nebula
IC 0443Jellyfish NebulaDiffuse Nebula
IC 0883Arp 193Peculiar Galaxy
IC 1066, IC 1067Interacting Galaxies
IC 1070Galaxy in Cluster
IC 1182Peculiar Galaxy
IC 1258, IC 1259, IC 1260Group of Galaxies
IC 1296(near M57)Solo Galaxy
IC 1438Ring Galaxy
IC 1613Local Group Galaxy
IC 1747Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
IC 2118Witchhead NebulaDiffuse Nebula
IC 2233Solo Galaxy
IC 2574Coddington NebulaSolo Galaxy
IC 2657Solo Galaxy
IC 2661Solo Galaxy
IC 4536Solo Galaxy
IC 4553Arp 220Peculiar Galaxy
IC 4617Near M13Solo Galaxy
IC 5067, IC 5070Pelican NebulaDiffuse Nebula
IC 5148Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
II Zw 92Polar Ring Galaxy
Integral Sign GalaxyUGC 3697Solo Galaxy
Laevens 3Globular Cluster
LEDA 2283644(Larry) Mitchell's ObjectGroup of Galaxies
Leo ALocal Group Galaxy
Leo IRegulus DwarfLocal Group Galaxy
Leo IILocal Group Galaxy
M 100Galaxy in Cluster
M 101Solo Galaxy
M 104Sombrero GalaxySolo Galaxy
M 106Solo Galaxy
M 108Solo Galaxy
M 109Solo Galaxy
M 15 Pease 1Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
M 42, M 43Diffuse Nebula
M 51Whirlpool GalaxyInteracting Galaxies
M 57 Central StarStar
M 57 Outer HaloPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
M 61Solo Galaxy
M 63Solo Galaxy
M 64Black Eye GalaxySolo Galaxy
M 65Galaxy in Cluster
M 74The PhantomSolo Galaxy
M 76Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
M 77Solo Galaxy
M 81Bode's GalaxyGalaxy in Cluster
M 82Cigar GalaxyGalaxy in Cluster
M 83Solo Galaxy
M 87's JetJets
M 90Galaxy in Cluster
M 95Galaxy in Cluster
M 97Owl NebulaPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
M 99Galaxy in Cluster
M104 UCD1Dwarf Galaxy
M31 A121Object in M31
M31 G73Object in M31
M60 UCD1Dwarf Galaxy
MAC 0222+4222Solo Galaxy
MAC 1853+3307(second galaxy near M57)Solo Galaxy
Maffei IMaffei Group Galaxy
Maffei IIMaffei Group Galaxy
Mailyan 16Maffei Group Galaxy
Mailyan 61Dwarf Galaxy
Mayall IIM31 G1Object in M31
MCG -2-50-3Diffuse Nebula
MCG -2-59-4Interacting Galaxies
MCG ChainNSC J131822+471007Group of Galaxies
Minkowksi's ObjectLEDA 73957Diffuse Nebula
Mrk 679QSO / AGN
NecklaceVIII Zw 388Cluster of Galaxies
Necklace PNIRAS 19417+1701Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 0001, NGC 0002Group of Galaxies
NGC 0034NGC 17, VV 850Trainwreck
NGC 0040Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 0070 GroupGroup of Galaxies
NGC 0134Giant Squid GalaxySolo Galaxy
NGC 0151Solo Galaxy
NGC 0157Solo Galaxy
NGC 0185Local Group Galaxy
NGC 0185 Hodge 5Object in Galaxy
NGC 0210Solo Galaxy
NGC 0246Skull NebulaPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 0247Solo Galaxy
NGC 0253Sculptor GalaxySolo Galaxy
NGC 0255Solo Galaxy
NGC 0274, NGC 0275Arp 140Interacting Galaxies
NGC 0278Solo Galaxy
NGC 0281Pacman NebulaDiffuse Nebula
NGC 0288Globular Cluster
NGC 0337Solo Galaxy
NGC 0337AMCG-01-03-065Solo Galaxy
NGC 0383 ChainGroup of Galaxies
NGC 0474
NGC 0520Arp 157Trainwreck
NGC 0615Solo Galaxy
NGC 0772Solo Galaxy
NGC 0799, NGC 0800Interacting Galaxies
NGC 0891Solo Galaxy
NGC 0896Diffuse Nebula
NGC 1049Fornax Dwarf Hodge GC3Object in Galaxy
NGC 1055Solo Galaxy
NGC 1073Solo Galaxy
NGC 1097Solo Galaxy
NGC 1300Solo Galaxy
NGC 1365Solo Galaxy
NGC 1435Merope NebulaDiffuse Nebula
NGC 1491Diffuse Nebula
NGC 1499California NebulaDiffuse Nebula
NGC 1514Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 1532Solo Galaxy
NGC 1535Cleopatra's EyePlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 1560Maffei Group Galaxy
NGC 1569Arp 210Interacting Galaxies
NGC 1624Diffuse Nebula
NGC 1788Diffuse Nebula
NGC 1988Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 1999"Orion Keyhole" (unofficial)Diffuse Nebula
NGC 2146Peculiar Galaxy
NGC 2163Cederblad 62Diffuse Nebula
NGC 2174Monkey's Head NebulaDiffuse Nebula
NGC 2194Open Cluster
NGC 2207, IC 2163Interacting Galaxies
NGC 2261Hubble Variable NebulaDiffuse Nebula
NGC 2346Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 2359Thor's HelmetDiffuse Nebula
NGC 2366, NGC 2363Diffuse Nebula
NGC 2371, NGC 2372Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 2392Clownface NebulaPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 2403Solo Galaxy
NGC 2440Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 2440Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 2452Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 2467, Sh2 311Skull and Crossbones NebulaDiffuse Nebula
NGC 2537Bear Claw GalaxyPeculiar Galaxy
NGC 2685Helix GalaxySolo Galaxy
NGC 2793Ring Galaxy
NGC 2841Solo Galaxy
NGC 2903Solo Galaxy
NGC 2905Knot in NGC 2903 (SIMBAD wrong)Object in Galaxy
NGC 2936, NGC 2937, UGC 5138Arp 142Interacting Galaxies
NGC 2992, NGC 2993Arp 245Interacting Galaxies
NGC 3132Eight Burst PlanetaryPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 3165, NGC 3166, NGC 3169Group of Galaxies
NGC 3242Ghost of JupiterPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 3319Solo Galaxy
NGC 3395, NGC 3396Arp 270Interacting Galaxies
NGC 3423Solo Galaxy
NGC 3430, 3424, 3413Group of Galaxies
NGC 3509Arp 335Peculiar Galaxy
NGC 3521Solo Galaxy
NGC 3561(contains Ambartsumian's Knot)Galaxy in Cluster
NGC 3646Ring Galaxy
NGC 3808Arp 87Interacting Galaxies
NGC 4027Peculiar Galaxy
NGC 4038, NGC 4039Antennae GalaxiesInteracting Galaxies
NGC 4085, NGC 4088Interacting Galaxies
NGC 4211, NGC 4211AArp 106Interacting Galaxies
NGC 4228NGC 4214Solo Galaxy
NGC 4244Galaxy in Cluster
NGC 4298, NGC 4299Group of Galaxies
NGC 4361Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 4449Solo Galaxy
NGC 4449Solo Galaxy
NGC 4485, NGC 4490Cocoon GalaxyInteracting Galaxies
NGC 4517Solo Galaxy
NGC 4535The Lost GalaxySolo Galaxy
NGC 4553Solo Galaxy
NGC 4565 companionsGroup of Galaxies
NGC 4567, NGC 4568Butterfly Galaxies (formerly: Siamese Twins)Interacting Galaxies
NGC 4615Arp 34Peculiar Galaxy
NGC 4618Arp 23Peculiar Galaxy
NGC 4631The WhaleInteracting Galaxies
NGC 4650 group(N.B. NGC 4650A polar ring)Group of Galaxies
NGC 4650APolar Ring Galaxy
NGC 4656Hockey StickInteracting Galaxies
NGC 4676The MiceInteracting Galaxies
NGC 4731, PGC 43526Interacting Galaxies
NGC 4774Kidney Bean GalaxyPeculiar Galaxy
NGC 4782Interacting Galaxies
NGC 4861Arp 266Peculiar Galaxy
NGC 4995Group of Galaxies
NGC 5128Centaurus ASolo Galaxy
NGC 5152, NGC 5153Interacting Galaxies
NGC 5211Ring Galaxy
NGC 5257, NGC 5258Arp 240Interacting Galaxies
NGC 5260Solo Galaxy
NGC 5291, MCG-05-33-005 Seashell Galaxy (MCG-05-33-005)Interacting Galaxies
NGC 5331Interacting Galaxies
NGC 5394, NGC 5395Arp 84; "The Heron" (unofficial)Interacting Galaxies
NGC 5403Solo Galaxy
NGC 0541 ChainGroup of Galaxies
NGC 5421Arp 111Interacting Galaxies
NGC 5426, NGC 5427Arp 271Interacting Galaxies
NGC 5474Peculiar Galaxy
NGC 5496Solo Galaxy
NGC 5544, NGC 5545Arp 199; the X-rated galaxyGroup of Galaxies
NGC 5566 trioGroup of Galaxies
NGC 5579Arp 69Interacting Galaxies
NGC 5774, NGC 5775Group of Galaxies
NGC 5846 GroupNGC 5846, NGC 5845, NGC 5839, NGC 5850Group of Galaxies
NGC 5860Interacting Galaxies
NGC 5866M 102, Spindle GalaxySolo Galaxy
NGC 5907Solo Galaxy
NGC 5919 and neighborsGalaxy in Cluster
NGC 5920Galaxy in Cluster
NGC 6028Ring Galaxy
NGC 6052NGC 6064Trainwreck
NGC 6090Little Antennae GalaxiesInteracting Galaxies
NGC 6190Solo Galaxy
NGC 6207Near M13Solo Galaxy
NGC 6210The Turtle PlanetaryPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 6217Arp 185Peculiar Galaxy
NGC 6240Peculiar Galaxy
NGC 6275Peculiar Galaxy
NGC 6285Group of Galaxies
NGC 6337The CheerioPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 6365Arp 30Interacting Galaxies
NGC 6542Solo Galaxy
NGC 6543Cat's Eye NebulaPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 6572Blue RacquetballPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 6590Diffuse Nebula
NGC 6616Solo Galaxy
NGC 6621, NGC 6622Arp 81, "Edward's Galaxy" (unofficial)Interacting Galaxies
NGC 6636Interacting Galaxies
NGC 6745Bird head galaxy (Lyra)Peculiar Galaxy
NGC 6772Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 6778Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 6781Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 6804Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 6820Diffuse Nebula
NGC 6822Barnard's GalaxyLocal Group Galaxy
NGC 6826Blinking PlanetaryPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 6888Crescent NebulaDiffuse Nebula
NGC 6907, NGC 6908Group of Galaxies
NGC 6928 groupDelphinus TrioGroup of Galaxies
NGC 6946Solo Galaxy
NGC 7008Embryo NebulaPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 7009Saturn NebulaPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 7000North America NebulaDiffuse Nebula
NGC 7026Cheeseburger NebulaPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 7027Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 7094(near M15)Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 7139Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 7184Solo Galaxy
NGC 7236Interacting Galaxies
NGC 7250, PGC 214816Solo Galaxy
NGC 7252Atoms for Peace GalaxyTrainwreck
NGC 7253Arp 278Interacting Galaxies
NGC 7285Arp 93Interacting Galaxies
NGC 7293Helix NebulaPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 7314Arp 14Peculiar Galaxy
NGC 7314Solo Galaxy
NGC 7331, Deer Lick GroupGroup of Galaxies
NGC 7332, NGC 7339Interacting Galaxies
NGC 7377Solo Galaxy
NGC 7393Arp 15Peculiar Galaxy
NGC 7428Solo Galaxy
NGC 7448Arp 13Peculiar Galaxy
NGC 7479Solo Galaxy
NGC 7492Globular Cluster
NGC 7497Solo Galaxy
NGC 7513Solo Galaxy
NGC 7619 groupPegasus I clusterCluster of Galaxies
NGC 7625Peculiar Galaxy
NGC 7635Bubble NebulaDiffuse Nebula
NGC 7662Blue SnowballPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
NGC 7678Arp 28Peculiar Galaxy
NGC 7714, NGC 7715Arp 284Interacting Galaxies
NGC 7742Fried Egg GalaxySolo Galaxy
NGC 7752Interacting Galaxies
NGC 7789Caroline's RoseOpen Cluster
NGC 7793Solo Galaxy
Outters 5Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
Palomar 1Globular Cluster
Palomar 10Globular Cluster
Palomar 11Globular Cluster
Palomar 12Globular Cluster
Palomar 13Globular Cluster
Palomar 14Globular Cluster
Palomar 15Globular Cluster
Palomar 2Globular Cluster
Palomar 3Globular Cluster
Palomar 4Globular Cluster
Palomar 6Globular Cluster
Palomar 7IC 1276Globular Cluster
Palomar 8Globular Cluster
Palomar 9NGC 6717Globular Cluster
Parsamian 21HH 221Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
Peg dSph"Pegasus Dwarf"Local Group Galaxy
PGC 1355, PGC 1358Interacting Galaxies
PGC 3183Peculiar Galaxy
PGC 54559Hoag's ObjectRing Galaxy
PGC 54838Galaxy in Cluster
PGC 56779Solo Galaxy
PGC 86395"Seahorse" (unofficial)Interacting Galaxies
PN Abell 12Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 20Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 21Medusa NebulaPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 24Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 31Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 33Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 34Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 35Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 36Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 39Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 4Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 46Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 50Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 53Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 6Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 65Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 7Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 70Diamond Ring of AquilaPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 72Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 74Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 75Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 79Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Abell 82Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN G 84.0+9.5Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN Jn 1Jones 1Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN JnEr 1Headphone NebulaPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN LoTr 1Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN M 1-77Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
PN M 2-9Minkowski's ButterflyPlanetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
Psc ALocal Group Galaxy
Psc BLocal Group Galaxy
PYX Globular ClPyxis ClusterGlobular Cluster
Rho Ophiuchus nebulosityDiffuse Nebula
Rose 15Compact Group of Galaxies
Rose 23Compact Group of Galaxies
SDSSCGB 11949.1 groupCompact Group of Galaxies
Serpens Red Object[SVS76] Ser 2, HBC672Diffuse Nebula
Sh2 101Diffuse Nebula
Sh2 129Diffuse Nebula
Sh2 142Diffuse Nebula
Sh2 188Simeis 22Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
Sh2 216Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
Sh2 261Diffuse Nebula
Sh2 84Diffuse Nebula
Sh2 91LBN 147Diffuse Nebula
Sh2 301Diffuse Nebula
Shk 1Cluster of Galaxies
Shk 154Cluster of Galaxies
Shk 16Group of Galaxies
Shk 166Group of Galaxies
Shk 253Cluster of Galaxies
Shk 376Cluster of Galaxies
Shk 38Cluster of Galaxies
Simeis 147Spaghetti NebulaDiffuse Nebula
Sirius BDouble Star
Soul NebulaDiffuse Nebula
Swings-Struve 1 (PN SwSt 1)PN G001.5-06.7Planetary or Protoplanetary Nebula
Taffy GalaxiesUGC 12915Interacting Galaxies
Terzan 7Globular Cluster
Twin Quasar8C 0958+561Gravitational Lensing
UGC 10214Arp 188, Tadpole GalaxiesInteracting Galaxies
UGC 10273VV 489Interacting Galaxies
UGC 10610Interacting Galaxies
UGC 11838Solo Galaxy
UGC 12281 and dwarfInteracting Galaxies
UGC 2489Compact Group of Galaxies
UGC 3274Compact Group of Galaxies
UGC 5609Ring Galaxy
UGC 6073Interacting Galaxies
UGC 816, UGC 813Taffy II Galaxies; VV 769Interacting Galaxies
UGC 8281Galaxy in Cluster
UGC 9562Polar Ring Galaxy
Ursa Minor DwarfLocal Group Galaxy
vdB 1Diffuse Nebula
Vela Ring GalaxyAM 1006-380Ring Galaxy
VII Zw 466Ring Galaxy
Violin ClefSDSS J000415.42+032301.8Interacting Galaxies
VV 167Arp 325 (SIMBAD wrong)Compact Group of Galaxies
WLMLocal Group Galaxy
WLM-1Object in Galaxy
Z 167-43Solo Galaxy
Z 196-090Jimi's "Longhorn"Interacting Galaxies
Z 459-66Group of Galaxies