Peculiar Galaxies for an 18" telescope

This is a list of peculiar galaxies that I found interesting in my 18" telescope. Whereas there are 338 peculiar galaxies in Halton Arp's famous list, many of them appear as uninteresting blobs in an 16"-20" telescope. There are also many interesting objects that are not in Arp's catalog that however show structure in these telescopes. The aim here was to compile a list of galaxies that showed some interesting detail, such as tidal tails or symptoms of interaction, at the eyepiece of my 18" telescope. This is not an exhaustive list by any means and is a collection biased by whatever I have managed to observe over the years.

Many of the objects in this list do not yield easily: some of the objects require great conditions and patience to ferret out the details.

Data on this website comes from SIMBAD and images are from the Digitzed Sky Survey (MAST/STScI)


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